Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vail Mountain Family Photos - Lena family

When Carol contacted me about taking photos of her family in Vail, she had an idea of what she wanted for the scenery and it included a view of the Gore Range.  There are plenty of great spots that capture the range, but most of them are also completely overpopulated with locals and tourists alike.  People wandering around shopping don't usually make for great backgrounds for portraits, unless you have a ton of time on your hands to Photoshop them out.  I decided we should try something else instead.  Not too many people have had the privilege of driving up Vail Mountain, but given that Russ and I both worked up there, we've done the drive more than a few times.  I knew a spot that was the highest point on the mountain that the public can drive to, and it also had a great view of the Gore Range, so we chose to take the photos there.

I loved the colors that the family chose because they really popped against the greenery.  If anyone is curious about choosing colors for family portraits, I have a great link on Pinterest that shows a few different color combinations that work well.

Here are a few photos from the Lena's Family Portraits on Vail Mountain.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Newborn Photos in Minturn, CO - Ellory

I feel like I can't start every blog post with 'I'm so far behind on my blog entries', but I really am.  This session is from the beginning of the summer and according to the temperature outside, it's already fall here in the Rockies.  

Miss Ellory was fantastic during our newborn session, with her beautiful big blue eyes.  She was so alert and happy to play around the bean bag.  I kept saying over and over again that she reminded me of my kewpie doll that I used to carry around as a child.  

More posts to come shortly, in a much more timely manner!  I need to catch up before the fall rush starts.  I can't believe the leaves are changing already!

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