Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Portraits in Vail with Kelly, Michael and Stan.

Thanksgiving's a great time to take some pictures for your annual Christmas card, but I have to be careful that I don't post pictures too early in case I spoil any Christmas card surprises.  Now that we're past Christmas, I can post these lovely pics of Kelly, Michael and Stanley.  Stanley's a Bassador - that's half Basset Hound, half Lab and 100% the love of his parent's lives.  Look at that face!

Everybody keeps commenting on how good Kelly's hair looks in these photos.  My photography skills can take no credit for that.  That's just Kelly's fabulous hair!

There's 2 days left for the year and a better blogging record is on the list of goals for 2012, and maybe a couple of personal photography projects too.  More to come on that...

On the SEO front, Google has wiped all of my reviews, so I'm waiting to hear back from them as to why that happened.  My Google Maps placement is still the same, and my web rank has moved up 4 pages.  The countdown's on!

Click here to see more Family Portraits in Vail, Colorado.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

Well, tomorrow is the start of the 12 days of Christmas and I haven't posted anything for the month of December.  This week has been busy with 2 business shoots and I'll be shooting a winter wedding on Saturday.  Fingers crossed for some good snow! 

Once we get closer to Christmas, I can start posting more photos that have been taken for Christmas cards without spoiling any surprises with clients cards.  There's some good ones in there too.

On the SEO front, huge leaps and bounds from the last posting.  White Starfish has leapt from page 16 on google when searching for a Vail Photographer to page 1!  It's all thanks to some good planning on Google Maps and some very sweet reviews from some of my very sweet clients.

Lastly, here's an article that ran in the Vail Daily about White Starfish this week.

The countdown to Christmas begins tomorrow!