Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vail Family Photographer - Maxwell and Harrison in Vail, Colorado

I've officially reached 100 blog posts! As a way of saying thank you to all of my wonderful clients that have let me share their stories, I thought I would put myself in their shoes and share some photos of my little guys.

I don't often get a chance to capture Maxwell and Harrison, but I had some backdrops and props set up from a recent shoot, so I left them up and got the boys in front of them.  This is the style of portrait photography that I like the most.  Simple outfits, clean backdrops, a few props, natural light and minimal photo shop.  The poses aren't perfect because I was hoping to get something more candid.  I figure that Maxwell's funny faces (and his crazy bowl cut) will be things that will make me smile more when I look back on these in years to come.

Thank you to everyone that has been so generous in letting me share their photos.  Maybe I'll post some more of the boys once I hit 200 posts!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Vail Baby Photos - Violet's Valentine's Session

Well, I'm sure everyone is coming down from their sugar highs now that Valentine's Day is out of the way, but I have one more sweet treat to share.  Miss Violet came to have some Valentine's photos taken in early February, and I've been waiting to share them because they were going in a special book for her grandparents as a Valentine's Day gift.

We did a very quick 30 minute session and she was a dream!  We came up with 6 different ideas and she let us change her into all kinds of outfits with different backdrops and props.  I loved some of these ideas, so I need to remember to do something similar with the boys next year.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beaver Creek Engagement Photos - Lyndsey and Drew

Happy belated new year to everyone!  I have officially survived flying from Colorado to New Zealand all by myself with a 2 year old and a 7 month old.  The flights went surprisingly well and it was definitely worth it to be able to spend a month on the beach with my family and friends.  I'm back in Vail now and it's taken me a few days to reacquaint myself with words like 'polar vortex' and 'wind chill factor', but we're getting back into the swing of things.  Below is a post that I had written just before I left, but I didn't get a chance to post it.  It was my last session for 2013 and I'll post my first session for 2014 in the next few days.


Anybody who knows me well will tell you that I don't particularly like the cold.  The absurdity of this statement is not lost on me.  I realize that I live in a ski town in the middle of the Rockies.  I just prefer spring skiing more than taking runs in sub-arctic temperatures!

Lyndsey and Drew were visiting from Texas and had asked me to capture some engagement photos for them.  The day we decided to go out was 9 degrees!  For those of you who are not from America, that's -13 celsius!!  I was so impressed with how well they handled the temperature and they certainly kept each other smiling throughout the session.  You would never be able to tell from their faces that it was freezing.  The upside of taking the photos in such cold conditions is that we got to take advantage of some beautiful backdrops around Beaver Creek.  The very last location we went to was the giant fire place in the lobby of the Hyatt.  It was a great chance to thaw out after an amazing session.