Monday, September 8, 2014

Minturn Family Photos - Greysen's 1st Birthday

After shooting Kimber and Phil's wedding, then the newborn photos for their baby Greysen, I was very excited to shoot Greysen's 1 year photos in Minturn recently.  Minturn is one of my favorite places in the valley.  It's a special place for our family and we take our dog Beans to run and swim there regularly.  It's a quirky, hidden gem in the valley and also one of the most beautiful backdrops for photos with it's magnificent mountainsides.

Lionshead Rock is a large rock formation, in the shape of a lion's head, that protrudes from the mountainside looking out over Minturn.  A large chunk of the rock fell and tumbled down towards the town below earlier this year.  Luckily nobody was hurt, but it did some serious damage to the train tracks that run through the town.  We started our shoot at the far end of town, and then made our way towards the damaged tracks for the last photos of the session.  If you look closely, you can see where the path that the rocks took as they tumbled down the hillside.

3 generations of very tall boys!  We weren't sure if we could get this shot because of the power lines  and their height, but it worked out.

One of the rocks that fell.  There is a much larger rock on the other side of the tracks that was too big to get in the shot.

Lionshead Rock is above and you can see the path the rocks took as they fell towards the town.

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