Monday, January 21, 2013

Photo Display at the Avon Library in Avon, Colorado.

This week marks the last week of my 2 month display at the Avon Library, featuring 50 of my favorite photos from the last couple of years.  It took a while to get the logistics of the display organized, including hoarding photo frames for about 6 months leading up to December (much to my husband's dismay, due to the lack of room in our garage!).

Given that our closest Michael's is in Denver, I surprised myself by being able to make it down there 3 times over the fall to collect numerous supplies including spray paint, mod podge, brushes, canvases, ribbons and a couple of frames.  A lot of the frames were given to me by friends or found in thrift stores, which gives the display an eclectic look.  I based the color scheme on a pad of scrap book paper that I found in Denver.  I was hoping to cover some of the frames with the funky designs, but that didn't go according to plan and alas, the pad is still sitting untouched in my closet.

For 2 weeks I was getting up at 5am to paint, repaint and frame the photos.  I had to get up early to do it before work and also before Maxwell woke up.  Although he wouldn't have made a good helper in the paint department, he was a great helper when it came to hanging the display, handing me nails and the hammer whenever I needed them.  Russ was also a big help in making sure all of the frames were safe and sturdy and not likely to drop off the wall!

Seeing as I'm in the photography business and not the framing business, I learned a few lessons the hard way.  For example, if you don't smooth everything down with Mod Podge, it will bubble up on you and you'll be forced to order re-prints and you'll need to pay extra to have them rush ordered.  I'm hoping to show the photos again in the Vail library later on this year.  That can only mean one thing...storing the photos in our little garage for little while longer!  Oh well :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Hooker Family Photo Session in Eagle Vail, Colorado.

The last time I took photos for the Hooker's, it was only Jen, her 4 month old son Trace and Jen's mother Marcy.  Marcy is the leader of our Mountain Mama Care group, that I have written about in previous posts. Jen had asked me to help her with some family photos again and she wanted a similar style to our last session, using a black back drop.  This time around, I got to shoot the whole family though, with 3 generations and 3 dogs!

Here are a few of the photos from the session.
Marcy and her dog, Juicy.

Older brother Wyatt was able to join in the fun this time.  

Wyatt and Trace
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The whole family.