Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Studio Portraits with Ben in Eagle Vail. Through the Lens Series, Entry 21.

The last time I took studio photos of Benjamin, he was only a few weeks old and I was 36 weeks pregnant.  He was such a fantastic model at such a young age that I knew we would get some great shots of him at a recent studio session.

He certainly didn't disappoint us and we had such a fun time with all kinds of props including cameras, blocks and chairs.  It was a great help having his Grandparents behind me stomping and waving at him and making him smile.  Having his Mom and Dad there with some funny props  was a tremendous help also.

Maxwell has just moved up to his 3rd classroom at daycare and after his first day in the new room, the teachers commented that Ben looked after Maxwell all day long.  So I am eternally grateful to this gorgeous wee man for looking after my little guy.

Here are a few of the photos from our fun morning.

This shot makes me think of the Little Rascals for some reason.

Ben was really interested in what was going on behind my camera.  The only problem was that I couldn't take any photos of him if he was on the same side of the lens as me, so we got him his own.  I see a shutter bug in the making!

Ben was so tired after modeling all morning, but we managed to get one last shot outside with his grandparents.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eagle Vail Photo Shoot for My Early Steps. Through the Lens Series. Entry 20.

As a mother who is running her own small business, it's always nice to meet other moms who are innovators that are trying to do the same.  Milena has taken it one step further and she has managed to get herself into the realm of inventing a new product.  My Early Steps is a walker for babies that are at the stage where they are learning to walk. As we were taking photos of the walker with 2 superstar models, Evan and Liam, Milena talked to me about the difficulties of designing and manufacturing a new product.  After some trial and error, she has honed her product down to an amazing contraption that not only helps little ones to get comfortable on their feet, but it also ensures that parents don't have to strain their backs with a lot of bending over.

Here are a few of the photos from the shoot that are going to be used for packaging and marketing.

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