Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maternity Photos in Beaver Creek with Lili and Nico. Through the Lens Series, Entry 15

Today is Maxwell's first birthday, which is great segway into today's post about Lili and Nico's maternity photos.  I met Lili and Nico through mutual friends a couple of years ago.  Lili works as a nurse in the Labour and Delivery ward in Vail and we were lucky enough to have her as our nurse during my labour with Maxwell.  She played a very special role in helping our little man arrive safely into the world and we are eternally grateful to her and the amazing team or nurses in Vail for that.

When I found out that Lili was pregnant, I instantly wanted to do her maternity photos.  Did I mention that she also taught our labour classes?  Any woman that can teach a group of husbands effective ways to help their wives during labour deserves a good photo shoot right?!

We scheduled the shoot for last Thursday at a time when Nico could join us.  Lili was 35 weeks pregnant at the time, which is the perfect time to do maternity photos.  I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm loving the fact that so many husbands are taking part in maternity sessions now.  We took photos in various locations around Bachelor Gulch and Lili and Nico were so fun and easy going that it made for a really great session.

3 days later we had Lili's baby shower at the Alpine Arts Center in Edwards.  We made cute little applique shapes on onesies and t-shirts for Baby Ty and ate delicious cupcakes as we watched Lili open her presents.  Just standard fare for a baby shower...except that Baby Ty was born the next morning!

I've never had a maternity session that cut it so close.  Just 4 days earlier we were taking photos, so it was a huge surprise for everyone.  Lili, Baby Ty and Nico are all doing well.  So congratulations to the Browns and happy first birthday to my sweet Maxwell D!  Thank you to Lili for helping us out on this day 1 year ago and I hope you enjoy the photos.

PS:  There are people reading this post in New Zealand and America.  This blog is just not fancy enough to keep up with spelling variations across different continents.  Words like labor/labour and center/centre are going to pop in various forms, so bare with me as I try to decide which variation to use.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Engagement Photos in Beaver Creek with Annique and Wally. Through the Lens Series, Entry 14

There's nothing like a 5 week whirlwind hiatus to get you behind on your blogging, but that's where I'm at right now.  I flew back to New Zealand early April with Maxwell and we arrived back, with Russ in tow, late Wednesday night and we've hit the ground running as we always seem to in our household!

Annique and Wally were the lucky winners of my Valentine's Day Engagement Photo Shoot Giveaway in February.  We met up at Beaver Creek on Sunday afternoon and took advantage of the beautiful spring foliage and the interesting emptiness that takes over the Vail Valley during the off season.  The staff at the Golden Eagle Inn saw us doing the photo shoot and came outside with champagne for the bride and groom-to-be.  That's just a classic example of how everything changes around here during the warmer months and the locals get to relax a little bit more.  The weather and lighting were perfect and Annique and Wally were fabulous to work with.  Here are a few of the photos from our session.

I have a very special maternity shoot this afternoon, so hopefully I'll be back up to speed shortly.  It's also Maxwell's first birthday this week and we have some very special visitors coming from Georgia to help us celebrate.  In the mean time, we'll just focus on getting back to a normal sleep pattern!

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