Wednesday, October 3, 2012

She Said Yes! Matt's Wedding Proposal to Amy at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. Through the Lens Series, Entry 31

It sounds hokey, but you have to be a romantic to be a wedding photographer.  So when Matt emailed me a couple of weeks ago asking me to capture his proposal to Amy, of course I wanted to do it!  Matt and I emailed each other several times leading up to the big day and we decided the best way for me to photograph them, was for me to play the role of a random tourist.

Matt and Amy had never been to Vail and we had never met in person, so the preparation involved figuring out where to meet and what they would be wearing.  As they started walking towards the bridge I was so nervous for Matt that my hands were shaking!  Luckily the aspens were looking gorgeous and it was a classic Colorado bluebird day.  Of course she said yes!  About two seconds later, Matt introduced me and we took a few photos around the gardens.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot.  Congratulations Matt and Amy!