Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vail Photographer - Special Photo Recreation

This photo shoot was little different to my usual line of work.  In typical fashion, it included family, but that's about where the similarities run out.  As a special gift to their father for his 90th birthday, Emily and Sheila asked me to help them recreate a photo from 50+ years ago, where they were decked out in their finest for church in Texas.

So much time and effort went into getting all of this together.  The ladies spent countless hours online, hunting around on eBay and Etsy to find everything from the hats, to the wigs and the dresses.  They even made sure to have the right amount of domes on the handbag, thanks to a few carefully placed thumbtacks!  The biggest laughs from the shoot came from the footwear.  The patent leather Mary Janes were tap shoes, so there was much fun and giggling as I was trying to position them, as they tapped around outside!

We paid close attention to making sure their hands were positioned right and just the right amount of skirt was poking through the jacket.  Somehow through all of the laughter, we managed to come up with something that was worthy enough to be a gift for their Dad.  I know for a fact that I have never laughed so hard during a photo shoot.  Kudos to the ladies and thanks for letting me share!